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Voyager 1 Top

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Embroidered Stretch Mesh Top. 

*Limited release*

    • Fits true to size
    • Designed for a slim fit
    • lightweight, stretchy fabric
    • Model is wearing a size Small
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  • Black stretch-mesh
  • Slips on
  • 80% Nylon, 20% Elastane
  • Dry clean or Hand Wash
  • Made by hand in Canada

Notes on the piece:

Voyager 1, a space probe launched by NASA in 1977, carries a special message for any extraterrestrial civilizations that may encounter it in the future. Known as the Voyager Golden Record, it is a time capsule containing a selection of sounds and images representing life on Earth.

The symbols engraved on Voyager 1 are not specific to the spacecraft itself, but rather part of the cover of the Golden Record. The cover includes a pictorial representation of the contents of the record and instructions on how to play it. The symbols are intended to be universal and understandable by any intelligent beings that may come across the spacecraft.

The cover features a collection of basic geometric shapes, diagrams, and illustrations that provide information about the origin and purpose of the Golden Record. Some of the symbols include:

  1. A circle with a smaller circle in the center: This symbol represents the Sun, indicating the location of our solar system.

  2. A man and a woman: Depicting the human form, these figures represent humanity and serve as a reference to our species.

  3. A binary representation of the number 1: This symbol is used to convey the counting system and mathematics used by humans.

  4. A series of vertical lines: These lines represent the hydrogen atom, which is the most abundant element in the universe. It provides a reference to the basic building blocks of matter.

  5. A depiction of the DNA double helix: This symbol represents the genetic code and the diversity of life on Earth.

  6. A silhouette of the Voyager spacecraft: The shape of the probe itself is included to provide extraterrestrial beings with a visual representation of the object that carried the Golden Record.

These symbols, along with the accompanying images and sounds on the record, were carefully chosen to provide a snapshot of humanity and the Earth's rich diversity. The hope is that if Voyager 1 is ever discovered by an alien civilization, they will be able to decipher and understand these symbols, leading to a deeper understanding of our planet and species.

Size: XS
Color: BLACK
Size: XS
Color: BLACK

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